A basic set up guide for using the Anti-Rekt application.

From creating an api key to making your first trade.

Posted by Anti-Rekt on June 26, 2019

This guide assumes you're already familiar with bitmex. In order to create an API Key follow these instructions (works for both testnet and mainnet).

Create an api key

  1. Navigate to the account page on bitmex.
  2. Navigate to the API keys page.
  3. Create an api key with order permissions, the name doesn't matter. Leave the "withdrawals" permissions unchecked! For additional security you can also whitelist the IP address of your device in the CIDR field.

Store the api key

  1. Download the Anti-Rekt app from the playstore here.
  2. Open the application and select "save them" to enter the api storage page.
  3. Choose the network your on, either mainnet or testnet. Testnet in this case.
  4. Enter your api keys, choose a name for them and encrypt them. They will now be stored locally.

Make a trade

  1. Navigate back to the unlock page.
  2. Select the api keys you just saved, type in the password and unlock.
  3. Scroll down to the market you wish to trade on and tap on it.
  4. Fill out your trade parameters.
  5. Once you're satisfied with your trade setup, hit the execute button and your orders will be executed on the exchange. Note that if you have "risk management" enabled in the settings, your trade sizes will be automatically set according to your risk profile.